Aimee Eddins

Aimee Eddins began dancing as soon as she can remember and adored studying dance from the very beginning. She began her journey in dance with classical dance forms such as ballet, tap and jazz in Pennsylvania and Virginia. With her family, she has done contra and other American folk dances for nearly 30 years. Beginning in college (where she majored in Mechanical Engineering), she studied Argentine Tango with Moti Buchboot; Lindy Hop; and Bellydance followed by Blues with Brenda Russell, Barry Douglas and many others; Women’s Folk Dances of the Orient with Helene Eriksen; and Fusion Dances. She has also studied Capoeira under Mestre Galo and Mestre Accordion and was a principal member of the Rocky Mountain Blues Troopers (a Blues Dance performance troupe) for three seasons. Along the way, Aimee has focused on teaching and sharing her love of dance and movement with others. Aimee has called Denver her home for over 5 years and can be found around town dancing, teaching, and running dance and community events.  

Aimee brings a variety of empowering classroom techniques to her workshops and lessons and creates a gentle, clear and playful environment in which to learn dance. Aimee focuses on Blues Dance, Creating Connection and Communication with a Partner, Having Fun while Dancing, and is skilled at both leading and following. For more information on what she’s up to or to schedule her for a private lesson, visit her webpage: or send her an email at