Group Classes

Group classes are a fun, inexpensive way to learn to dance.  You do not need a partner because everyone rotates.  Classes are offered each week for the month. You pay for each class when you attend or your instructor may offer a discounted rate if you commit to the full month.

Below are our May 2017 Classes:

6-7pm:    Intermediate Waltz
Instructor: Ryan Shanahan
Cost:  $10/per class
Contact: 801-455-1747

7-8pm:  American Tango
Instructor:  Ryan Shanahan
Cost:  $10/person
Contact:  801-455-1747

7-8pm:  Rumba
Instructor: James Williard
Cost: $10/person
Contact: 727-686-0260

7-8pm:   5/3:  Cha Cha,  5/10:  EC Swing,   5/17:  Waltz,   5/24:  Merengue,  5/31:  Foxtrot
Instructor:  Matt Gregory
Cost: $10/person
Contact:  949-637-3948

7-8pm:  Intermediate Waltz
Instructors:  Jennifer Corey & Taylor Westfall
Cost:  $10/person drop in or $28/4 weeks
Contact:  720-318-1963

Noon-1pm:  Fencing    
Instructor:  Ryan Shanahan
Contact:  801-455-1747